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Praveena Thavarajah
Praveena Thavarajah

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What are OOP concepts in Java.

This blog explains you about the Object Oriented Concepts (OOP) in Java in a understandable way in a simple manner. I hope this blog will clear your doubts on the concepts.

Java is a pure object oriented programming (OOP) language. It deals with object creation using classes. The classes has attributes and properties inside it.

Need of OOP Concepts:
OOP concepts are needed to solve a large problem by breaking it into smaller problems. Through solving the small problems, it is possible to build a productive complex program.
There are some terms which we need to know before moving to OOP concepts.

It is a collection of objects. Class act as a blueprint of a house where objects can be created using it by considering it as a template.

In Java name of the class(first letter) starts with capital letter.

class Animal{
//variable declaration
private String name;
private int …more at

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