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Praveena Thavarajah
Praveena Thavarajah

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What are SOLID Principles? Explained with OOP Concepts.

Software developers implement codes to meet the users’ requirements and satisfy the clients. Some principles have to follow by software developers to enhance their code writing skills.

The SOLID principles have considerable responsibility to guide the software developers, to make the software design by improving the code quality.

An American software engineer named Robert C.Martin created this principle.

Solid principles have five(5) principles. The name is created by considering the first five letters from each principle.

The five principles are,
S — Single Responsibility Principle
O — Open Closed Principle.
L — Liskov Substitution Principle.
I — Interface Segregation Principle.
D — Dependency Inversion Principle.

Let us have a look at each of the principles. Read more at

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