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Programmers, Are You Bored or Stressed? 😒 😩

Praveena Thavarajah
IT(Software Engineering) | Undergraduate @SLIIT | FullStack Developer -Trainee(PHP, Laravel) | Blogger | Interested in ReactJS
Originally published at thavarajahpraveena.Medium ・1 min read

If bored when doing coding or stressed when fixing a bug? If the answer is yes, then what to do next? 💭

How do you mitigate all these complications?
Pause your work for 30 minutes to 1 hour and try to follow one of the ideas.

I share some ideas over this blog. They will help to maintain a calm mindset. Go through all the topics and find two or more that suit you best.

These ideas will help to divert the current mindset and refresh your thoughts. 😌

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Adam Crockett

I do gardening, really helps me switch off

praveenat profile image
Praveena Thavarajah Author

It's good =)