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WebGL + WebAssembly + Typography

Hey devs!

First time poster here. There is this idea described by Alan Kay about exploring three distinct subject matters simultaneously until they meet at a common point. I am adopting that approach to build a bezier editor using the new web technologies: WebAssembly and WebGL.

I have an idea to build a typeface editor and try out some of the cool bezier types like Spiro and Hobby splines as I think the current quad/cubic bezier splines are a bit of a local minima when it comes to typeface design.

I will be sharing my journey here as I explore these technologies and approaches. Hope I will be able to share the cool things that I learn along this journey and communicate them in a way that will be helpful for someone exploring similar trails.

I will be trying to do a journal log per day on this journey. Hope I can keep up the momentum and see this through. Glad to be on!


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