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Key indicators in the formation of grades web developers

Prathap Rathod
Programmer | Blogger
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Oneway takes into account the total amount of closed tasks in hours, the courses completed and the exams passed (“Bitrix24”), a certain set of skills and experience in certain tasks (competence matrix).

MediaSoft does not use the grading system in the usual sense and, in general, there is no traditional division of developers into junior, middle and senior classes.

This classification is rather arbitrary: as practice shows, senior is often called the steepest specialist in a company, and this does not reflect anything but the level of the company itself. If you try to get a big and serious organization like “Yandex”, such a senior may not even qualify for a junior position.

DigitalWand creates a number of technical requirements, based on the technology stack, as well as identifying supporting skills. The grade is assigned when hiring and then may change as part of the certification.

In Finch, the list of indicators is quite large: code quality, autonomy, project diversity, professional growth, the amount of time worked at the company and initiative.

Briefly, both technical and near-technical human competencies are assessed. On each grade, there is a certain set of these competencies.

In “Netologiya” there is no system of grades for developers: in the working conditions of the team, it was not possible to determine clear measurable requirements for the transition between levels. Surely there are successful examples of the implementation of the grading system, but this does not mean that they should work for everyone. Nevertheless, there is a certain division by levels in the team.

For DD Planet, it is crucial that the programmer is able to make the right decisions on his own. This is the key criterion by which the company assesses the level of a specialist because to make independent correct decisions a high level of knowledge and sufficient experience in the profession is necessary.

No less important indicators such as the adequacy of the timing of the executor, timely and accurate execution of tasks.

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