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How many levels are the developers in the team

Prathap Rathod
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The Finch team decided to stay on four levels: junior, middle, middle + and senior. The company has a lot of developers who are at the junction of two levels - middle and senior. Therefore, they decided to introduce an additional grade. To make more grades with a staff of 55 people guys consider superfluous. Perhaps over time, the stairs will be more.

In DD Planet, as in most IT companies, all developers are divided into four levels: junior, middle, senior, team leader (team leader).

Formally, graduate students who are just starting their careers can be formally referred to the junior level. Preference is given to serious technical universities, for example, Moscow State University (faculties of the VIC, mekhmat), MSTU, MIEM, HSE.

A more advanced level of development specialist - middle. The employee still does not make independent decisions, but behind him, there is no need to double-check the correctness of the tasks implemented. The head says how and what to do, the programmer performs everything on time and efficiently.

The next grade is senior or lead programmer. The specialist can independently make decisions and is responsible for their implementation. He is also able to oversee one or more junior or middle programmers.

The highest level of professional development in tmlid. At this stage, the person not only makes the right decisions but also controls the team. He can distribute tasks so that they are optimally implemented by a team of five to six people.

DigitalWand has six levels of developers: junior, junior +, middle, middle +, middle ++, senior.

Junior knows the basics of his technology, can perform simple tasks but is not yet ready to work independently.
Junior + works independently on simple tasks. Able to apply typical operations with Git.
Middle completely solves typical problems, however, he may need help in designing, review of the code.
Middle + knows the framework on which it works, begins to master other frameworks, it can already help junior programmers.
Middle ++ can be trusted to work on production, release management. Ready to do not too complex systems design. Can, if necessary, communicate with the customer.
Senior has several frameworks in his arsenal, he has experience in designing and developing complex systems.
In "Netologiya" now there is a division into three standard levels: junior, middle and senior. Each level involves a new level of professional growth. Roughly speaking, the higher the position, the more the developer assumes responsibility, understands different products and can help colleagues.

Senior-level specialists, for example, in a company not only are directly involved in the development, but their task is also to be mentors for new team members.

In Oneway Studios, a record number of levels is eleven.

MediaSoft works according to the model of providing specialists to the customer, so it is logical to determine the programmer’s salary not according to the static grade system but depending on the market value of his work, which depends on the complexity of the tasks to be solved.

It works like this: the management looks at what the salary would be for a specialist if the client hired him to the in-house team. And here it is very important not to miss the developer level. If his expertise is lower than the client needs, he will simply not cope with his duties, if he is higher, he will lack motivation.

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