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6 websites to get Better Free Backlinks your site

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If you have ever tried to promote your site yourself, you probably know that it is, to put it mildly, difficult.

But the site is needed in order to be seen.

Therefore, SEO optimization is something you can not do without if you want your site to be visited.

In addition, in order to remain at the top of the search results, you need to carry out this work consistently, carefully analyzing and choosing optimization methods.

In this article, I can not tell you about all the subtleties of SEO.

Rather, my goal is to share information about several SEO tools that seriously facilitate the process of ensuring your site with decent positions and traffic.

Today, we will talk about external links, or rather how to get really high-quality links to your site.

There are many possible sources and ways of getting backlinks, but not all are equally useful, and some are useless or even harmful.

If earlier, the decisive role was played by the number of links, now it is mainly their quality.

That is, it makes no sense to place links everywhere, where possible, it is a waste of time and effort.

I offer you an overview of resources, links from which will be most useful for promoting your resources.

Social resources are a great tool for link building.

For example, Pinterest, known to many people today, is the most popular social bookmarking site.

When you share your content on Pinterest, it not only generates a reciprocal link but also shows your bookmark to multiple users, thereby generating some amount of relevant traffic back to your site.

Sites like Pinterest and some others that we discuss here can really help you create high-quality backlinks that increase the status of your site in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and others.

Remember that search engines pay more attention to the quality of placement than to the link signals themselves.

Which social bookmarking sites are better?

Since the beginning of 2019, our agency experts have analyzed a variety of sites that allow the publication of content and links, and have compiled a working list of truly powerful donors.

1. Mix.com

Mix is โ€‹โ€‹relatively young, but already one of the most popular bookmarking sites.

Previously, until June 2018, it was the now not working StumbleUpon service.

It is so simple and intuitive to use that almost everyone likes.

2. Pocket.com

Pocket is another smart platform for getting backlinks to your site.

Registered Pocket users save links in bookmarks, which remain on the site forever and allow you to return to them at any time.

3. Pinterest.com

Pinterest - 175 million average monthly attendance, approximately 80 percent of female users.

At the moment, Pinterest published more than 50 billion pins.

4. Twitter.com

Twitter, with its 335 million active users per month, is amazing.

Perhaps this is not the most convenient site for posting content, but having a huge user base, Twitter is a great place to publish announcements and links to attract traffic.

5. Dribble.com

Dribble is a great place to get backlink SEO for your site.

Dribble is made for creative people.

If you are interested in graphic and visual design, then it suits you even more.

6. Reddit.com

Reddit is without a doubt one of the oldest and best social bookmarking sites.

Here, each user creates his own list of bookmarks, which can comment, increase or decrease the rating of publications.

Reddit is an indispensable tool for quickly promoting your own website.

Do not forget to share your links to Reddit.

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