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Asgard saviour: Neurelo

Thor Son of Odin and mighty protector of Asgard, was tasked
with building a web application to manage prisoners information
in ensuring Asgard's security. How could thor on his own, manage
writing backend APIs, building interfaces,storing and retrieving
information on suspects, their location and their entry and escape? feeling overwhelmed, Thor sought aid from Earth.Earthlings helped thor with Neurelo. Thor build a robust interface displaying all the necessary information monitoring each area's activities swiftly, efficiently and securely. Let's delve into Asgard saviour Neurelo.

In this blog post, I will share how I came to know about Neurelo,
my experience building with Neurelo,why one should come across
this platform to solve actual problem, my takeaways and feedback on Neurelo.

this year february i joined Hack This Fall hackathon, i tried to figure out building with Neurelo but couldn't make it with, at last hour i talk to mentor to solve the issue with platform and Tada time up!!! but idea behind this platform blew up my mind and i'm just curious about it.

what is Neurelo:

Neurelo is database abstraction tool what!! oh wait let me explain this in layman terms, developing web application consists of three main components: User Interface, Backend APIs and Database.

Simplifying that Neurelo provides support for REST and GraphQL APIs for all the schemas in database with defined relationships and handles all database-related tasks, eliminating the need for manual coding efforts with database related programming.This functionality extends to popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL,AWS RDS and MongoDB.

Neurelo Dashboard

Previously, I dealt with database operations through Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)which often required a steep learning curve and varied syntax for different tasks and databases.Neurelo streamlines this process, allowing me to focus on actual coding without facing the inefficiencies of ORM operations with supercool GUI interface. Simply connect the data source, and Neurelo handles the rest, making the development process remarkably straightforward.As easy as it sounds.

Note:If you are building with Neurelo right after this make sure you connect your database with Aiven, MongoDB Atlas or AWS RDS this way it would be easy.

Key Features of Neurelo:

Automatically Created CRUD APIs: Neurelo generates CRUD APIs for every schema in the database, with REST and GraphQL APIs.

Schema Editing with Migration Support: Neurelo offers Git-like migration features for easy schema modifications, facilitating seamless integration across different environments, one can simply rollback the changes.

API Documentation: Neurelo provides comprehensive documentation for its APIs,This is very helpful to me whenever i get stuck.

SDK Support: as of now Neurelo supports SDK support for python, typescript and Go. For reference checkout my project
build with python sdk Blog Application

Tracing and Monitoring API: One can benefit from Neurelo's built-in tracing and monitoring capabilities, expediting the debugging process by identifying API performance issues, slowdown performance or errors.


Main problems Neurelo addressing as project gets bigger.

1.Leaky Abstraction: this occurs as project gets biggers and APIs not working as efficiently as expected with data. Leaky_Abstraction

2.N+1 query problem : repeated uneven queries without optimization generates this problem.n+1_qeury_problem

3.ORM Inefficiency.. Inefficiency of ORMs as data increases, High database load, uneven performance, increase network activity.

My Experience with Neurelo

In my project building experience, I utilized Neurelo's Python SDK with Flask to develop a Blog application. Despite encountering some initial challenges, the development process was smooth and efficient.I also try to add upon new features like triggers and views but it's little challenging, I aslto tried to explored Neurelo's internals, gaining insights into its workings with Pydantic, Langchain, Python SDK, GraphQL, and databases.


This is not all, Explore neurelo and you found more gems.


Thor no need to worry more, and thor made it like me. I assured that i will not get out of time building my next project in hackathon.

I hope you enjoy this, stuck me on lot's of question i am so eager to answer all, or jump into discord_server.

this blog post is inspired by robyn_by_sanskar_jethi and viraj khokhariya.

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