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Code Complete Mini Notes


I have started reading one of the most recommended books for software development, Code Complete (2nd ed.) that suggests best practices in the industry and talks about development journey from A-to-Z. Covering almost all the aspects of software development philosophy. But have you looked at the size of it!!!?

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Yeah! Get a load of this bad boy.


Due to day to day work not many of us get enough time to read a book, let alone a book of this volume. I often find myself wishing if only people would write the summaries of books that they had been reading. It would speed things up a bit and time restricted people can also catch up with many literature.

Quote: Be the change you want to see in the world

So I for one am starting a series on it. I will be capturing the notes that I make along the way in easy words that will make it quick for people to go through the crux of the book.


I'll start with Chapter 3 (which is where the real stuff begins) at first and move along, since chapter 1 & 2 discuss the philosophies initially. I plan on covering them at a later stage.

Every post may be a subtopic of one huge chapter. The banner image of each post will highlight which chapter does the topic belong to, and also the 1st post that begins a chapter will have the 1st line as description of the same.

I hope whoever plans on reading this finds it easy & convenient. I'm open to suggestions on how this can be improved.

p.s. Don't worry, I won't be leaving out much part.

there is always one more thing to learn quote


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