Tech exists to serve humanity, it shouldn't be the other way round

prahladyeri profile image Prahlad Yeri ・1 min read

I've joined DEV.to only a few days ago and the vibe I get here is really good!

Unlike some other sites, the devs here are friendly and humane, they don't ridicule or show passive aggressiveness towards those who are new and beginners in software development.

I think that's exactly the way it should be, programming and technical knowledge is used to solve people's problems. Of what use is this knowledge if fragile egos are nurtured through it instead?

I hope that DEV.to continues to work like this in future too, and other networking sites learn from them and show some compassion to their audiences too.

Feeling great to be part of a community, perhaps after a very long time. Best wishes to all you wonderful folks, may you all code to prosperity!


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