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Azure CLI: Get Azure repositories list in 4 steps

Pradeep Pradyumna
1st rule of programming - if it works DON'T TOUCH IT !!!
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If you're looking for an azure cli command to get a list of repositories, you can follow the steps:

Step 1:

Download Azure CLI from here

Step 2:

Add the Azure DevOps extension
az extension add --name azure-devops

Step 3:

Configure defaults. Give YOUR organization and project names
az devops configure --defaults organization=<ORGANIZATION_NAME> project=<PROJECT_NAME>

Step 4:

Get list by running either of the below commands

az repos list --org "<ORGANIZATION_NAME>" -p "<PROJECT_NAME>" -o tsv --query [].name


az repos list --query '[].{Name:name, Url:remoteUrl}' -o json

Thanks for reading! 💛

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