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Pradeep Pradyumna
Pradeep Pradyumna

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6 things required to integrate SourceTree with Azure Repos

Step 1

Open your Azure DevOps account and select any repository and click the Clone button

Step 2

Click on Generate Git Credentials button, it will show Username & Password. Just a make copy of it in a notepad

Step 3

Launch SourceTree and go to Remote tab and click on Add an account… button

Step 4

Set following values:

Hosting Service: Azure DevOps
Host URL:
Preferred Protocol: HTTPS
Authentication: Personal Access Token

and click on the Refresh Personal Access Token button, it will prompt for username & password, just copy-paste the values from Step 2
That’s it! You’re all set to clone your repositories

Step 5

In the Remote tab, it will start listing down all your repositories. Now pick any repository you want and click on the Clone option

Step 6

All the fields will be prefilled for you, so just go ahead and click Clone
It will start downloading the code to your drive

Thanks for reading! 

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