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Revolutionizing Graphic Design with Artificial Intelligence

In today's digital era, where every pixel counts, Microsoft Designer emerges: an AI-powered graphic design application that promises to transform your idea into visually appealing content. This software stands as an indispensable tool, offering a platform accessible to you regardless of your design experience.

Innovative Features of Microsoft Designer

  1. Intuitive and Fast: With Microsoft Designer, design becomes intuitive, quick, and enjoyable for you. The app integrates cutting-edge technologies such as DALL.E 3 and GPT 3.5, enabling you to create personalized designs and compelling messages that reflect your original ideas.

  2. Animation and Refinement: Beyond static designs, Microsoft Designer offers options to animate your creations, bringing them to life as engaging short videos or captivating visual stories.

  3. Boundaries Expanded by Generative AI: Advanced tools like "generative erase" and the upcoming "generative fill" and "generative expand," all powered by DALL.E 3, open up a range of possibilities for you to edit and enhance designs in previously unreachable ways.

  4. Accessible and User-Friendly: Designed for everyone from hobbyists to professionals, Microsoft Designer is perfect for creating social media posts, invitations, and much more, proving to be a versatile and easy-to-use tool for you.

  5. Extended Reach: Initially launched as a web app, work is underway to bring Microsoft Designer to other platforms, including applications for Windows and mobile devices.

  6. Multilingual Support in Progress: Currently available in English, Microsoft Designer is planning to add support for more languages.

  7. Free During Preview Phase: Take advantage of the app's free preview phase before paid subscriptions with Microsoft 365 are introduced for advanced features.

Microsoft Designer's commitment to excellence is mirrored in its active feedback loop and user interviews, ensuring that the software not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Invitation to Discover

Explore the revolution in graphic design with Microsoft Designer through our YouTube video, available in Spanish with English subtitles. Discover how 'Image Creator' and 'Design Creator' turn words into rich and complex designs. Plus, with 'Generative erase' and 'Remove background', image editing is simpler than ever for you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the heart of innovation in graphic design. Microsoft Designer presents itself not just as a powerful tool brimming with possibilities but also as a gift to the creative community, accessible at no cost. I invite you to dive into the world of creativity with Microsoft Designer: your next design project is just a click away, and it's completely free.

This publication is part of the AI Advent Calendar 2023, an initiative led by Héctor Pérez, Alex Rostan, Pablo Piovano, and Luis Beltrán. Check this link for more interesting articles about AI created by the community.

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