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Weekly Dev Findings 7

It appears that there are not many Russians here, so I decided to write this issue in English. I wonder if Russian language will be a problem, or if it does not matter, and that is my doom to do stuff on the Internet without any feedback.

Yandex Scale 2023

Yandex Scale - annual conference about Yandex Cloud. Here are the news:

  • Redesigned Documentation UI & GPT-search
  • Open sourced technologies:
  • YDB support for Postgres SQL & Kafka
    • YDB is a serverless DB with auto-scaling capabilities which means that Yandex Cloud now has cheap auto-scaling SQL-compatiple cloud DB!

Image description

  • Yandex Cloud Postbox - new email service like Sendgrid
  • Serverless improvements
    • Async Cloud Funcion execution
    • Multi core execution
    • API Gateway improvements: rate limiting, canary deployment
  • Security improvements
  • Yandex Wiki updated editor
  • Yandex GPT closed preview
  • Yandex SpeechSense - new audio analyzing service
  • All anounces in single article





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