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The Most Natural Flowing AI Chatbot Conversation you have ever had

With our conversational update from yesterday it's almost impossible to see where the machine ends and the human being starts. The quality improvement in the flow of the conversation is almost surreal.

I wrote about how it works yesterday, but today I want to show you an example conversation to illustrate the point. Below is an example conversation to drive home the point.

Notice, the response including the links and the images are the exact same result actually returned from our chatbot. Feel free to reproduce it yourself by copying and pasting the titles into our chatbot. Also notice that our chatbot is configured to collect name and email address of its users before it starts a conversation. I did not include these parts, only the actual conversation between myself and the machine. I added some comments below each response from our chatbot to emphasize key points in the conversation.


Hello Thomas! How can I assist you today? 😊

Notice how the chatbot will address me by name. This is because it's configured to do so and knows my name because I started out the conversation by providing it with my name.

Tell me about your AI Search product

Our AI Website Search is a unique technology that functions like Google or Bing, but only returns pages from your website. It allows users to phrase their queries as natural language and matches pages in your website accordingly. It's built upon the same technology as ChatGPT, using OpenAI's APIs. This means it was trained on large parts of the internet, but will only display search results from your site.

This solution can crawl and scrape your website for URLs, which the system later matches towards search queries, returning results as users search for content on your website. If the search query doesn't yield any results, our solution uses fuzzy algorithms to return the closest match. This results in AI-based search returning superior results, understanding the user's intentions and requests semantically due to our machine learning technology. 🎯

Search spyglass on top of computer motherboard

Notice how the chatbot will return images and even emoticons to spice up the conversation. This can be used to show product images, or screenshot for a customer support type of chatbot. Product images have been shown to increase sales by up to 16x for E-Commerce.

How does it compare to your ChatGPT chatbot?

Our AI Website Search and ChatGPT Chatbot serve different but complementary purposes. The AI Website Search is designed to help users find specific information on your website quickly. It uses natural language processing to understand the user's query and return the most relevant pages from your website.

On the other hand, our ChatGPT Chatbot is designed to interact with users in a conversational manner. It can answer questions, provide recommendations, and even act as a customer service agent or sales executive. It's available 24/7, providing instant responses to user queries.

Both tools are built on the same technology as ChatGPT and use OpenAI's APIs. They can be integrated together for a comprehensive user experience. For instance, the chatbot can use the AI Search to provide users with direct links to relevant pages on your website. 🤖🔍

Screenshot of our chatbot

Notice how the chatbot acts like a sales executive, doing its best to sell our product. This is because it has been configured this way. The chatbot can be configured to act according to any "persona" you wish.

How expensive is it?

AINIRO offers three different pricing plans:

  1. Basic Plan: This costs €49 per month and includes 1 model, 500 training snippets, 500 requests per month, and covers roughly 100 pages. You do not need your own OpenAI API key for this plan.
  2. Professional Plan: Priced at €198 per month, this plan includes 2 models, 1,250 training snippets per model, 15,000 requests per month, and covers roughly 250 pages per model. You will need your own OpenAI API key for this plan.
  3. Enterprise Plan: This is our premium offering at €798 per month. It includes 5 models, 2,500 training snippets per model, 25,000 requests per month, and covers roughly 500 pages per model. You will need your own OpenAI API key for this plan.

Please note, these prices assume you're paying for 1 year in advance, at which point you get a 30% discount. If you wish to pay on a monthly basis, you do not get this discount. For custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, feel free to contact us.

Notice how it tries to lead me into the contact page, since obviously asking for price is a "sales trigger", possibly about to convert me into a paying customer. In addition it's able to provide lists and bold text to emphasize key portions of list items. This makes the response very easy to read and "scan" for the important information.

Do I get both AI Search and the chatbot?

Yes, Thomas! With our packages, you get both the AI Website Search and the ChatGPT-based website chatbot. This combination allows you to provide a comprehensive user experience on your website. The AI Website Search helps users find specific information on your site, while the ChatGPT chatbot interacts with users, answers their questions, and can even act as a customer service agent or sales executive. It's like getting three solutions for the price of one! 😊👍

Notice how it "associates" here between two different systems, still able to answer questions requiring knowledge about both systems.

What about the AI Expert System, is it included in the package?

Yes, Thomas! The AI Expert System is included in both the Professional and Enterprise plans. This powerful tool serves as a cognitive assistant, helping you automate and optimize tasks such as document translation, data drilling, content production, and more. It's like having a "bigger brain" that can increase the collective IQ of your organization significantly.

However, please note that the AI Expert System is not included in the Basic plan. If you're interested in this feature, I would recommend considering either the Professional or Enterprise plan. 🚀

Screenshot of AI Expert System

Notice how it starts out its response with my name again, increasing trust, and also the word "yes", which of course is a positive word, intended to trigger positive emotions, to further help sell our products. "Yes" words (literally) are important when working with sales.

Is it included in the basic plan?

I'm sorry, Thomas, but the AI Expert System is not included in the Basic plan. The Basic plan includes our ChatGPT AI Website Chatbot and our AI Website Search widgets. If you're interested in the AI Expert System, it is included in both the Professional and Enterprise plans. These plans also come with a private cloudlet for administrating your machine learning models. 😊👍

Notice how it apologises here for not being able to provide the AI Expert System in its basic plan, while again using my name. However, it rapidly moves the conversation into a positive ending by emphasizing some of the additional features I get if I buy the professional or enterprise package - Which of course actually includes the AI Expert System.

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely, Thomas! We offer a 30% discount if you choose to pay for one year in advance. This applies to all our plans - Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. It's a great way to save while enjoying the benefits of our AI solutions. 😊👍

Notice how it now completely turns, and starts our with the positive word "Absolutely", for then to repeat my name and informs me how I can claim my discount by paying for a year ahead of time.

Where do I buy?

To purchase a chatbot from us, you can visit our purchase page. There you can chose between 3 different plans. If you pay for one year ahead of time, we will give you a 30% discount 😊

Notice how it is able to provide hyperlinks inline in the conversation itself, emphasizing the discount again, and finishes with a smiley to make me further trust its intentions.

Who are you?

I'm Frank, an AI sales executive working for AINIRO. We provide AI solutions to help businesses like yours. How can I assist you today, Thomas? 😊

Image of Frank, our AI Sales Executive

Notice that it explicitly identifies itself, and even shows an image of itself when asked who it is.

Thank you

You're welcome, Thomas! If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. Remember, our AINIRO products are designed to make your life easier and more efficient. 😊

Notice how it finishes the above answer by telling me about "positive life quality changes" originating from using our products. Everybody having worked with sales knows that selling is not really about products and services, but the quality improvement that comes from using the product. The above sentence is not something we have explicitly trained the chatbot on, but its own original creativity and abilities to work as a sales executive.


We've always had superior quality compared to 99.9% of all ChatGPT chatbots out there. However, with this latest conversational update, I would suspect we're further increasing quality 10x, especially related to conversational "flow". Selling is all about psychology and trust. We never explicitly trained the chatbot on neither trust nor psychology, we just configured our chatbot to act as a sales executive for AINIRO. Our AI algorithms figured out the rest together with OpenAI and ChatGPT.

I suspect already our chatbot is outperforming 99% of most sales executives on earth. Our chatbot won't replace your sales executives. Sales still requires meetings, human beings, and emotional bonding with homo sapiens. However, I suspect pre-selling using a chatbot such as ours can easily magnify conversions by a lot!

The paradox is you know it's an AI chatbot, you know AI doesn't have emotions - Yet still you become emotionally attached to it. A lot of our users finishes the conversation with saying "Thank you" to the chatbot illustrating that point. If you're convinced, and you want to hear how we can help you and your company, you can contact us below.

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