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Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen

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The Largest Hangover in the 21st Century

The ChatGPT boom is finally over, and as we're waking up in the morning to the largest hangover since the DotCom Boom collapsed, I suspect many of you have done some "unwise purchasing decisions". Since we care about AI and LLM, we want to help you make the right decision for once. Hopefully this time slightly "more sober" than the last time you bought a ChatGPT chatbot 😂

6 months ago you could probably plaster ChatGPT on your burger and double your sales. Today things are starting to become more sober, and most users realize there are differences in quality between different chatbot providers.

Just because you tattoo ChickenGPT on your chicken, doesn't imply it's a great chatbot 😂

ChaiGPT the AI Tea House

You're in good company

If you bought some piece of crap chatbot based upon ChatGPT, relax! You're in good company. The statistical probability of that you bought garbage while ChatGPT was booming is probably somewhere around 98%. We at AINIRO feel your pain, and we're willing to sort it out. We're therefor giving you 2 months for free if you switch to our ChatGPT chatbot.

As an additional bonus, I can gurantee you that no chickens were harmed as we created our chatbot 😂

The ChatGPT hype made everybody lose their minds. Don't feel bad about it, we're dealing with companies having spent entire software development teams for 6 months, trying to create their own ChatGPT-based chatbots, having to give up not being able to deliver even 1% of our quality. It happens 😂

Even HubSpot, a company with thousands of employees, had their CTO spend 4 months developing a chatbot. We did the math on it, and it probably cost them close to $200,000, and they've got basically nothing to show for. God knows how many other projects their CTO had to turn down to get to have some fun with ChatGPT for half a year ... 😂

Psst, if HubSpot wants a real ChatGPT chatbot, they're of course more than welcome to contact us 😊

Two months for Free

We feel you, and to help you out, we'll throw in two months for free if you switch chatbot provider. We've all done mistakes, and some of us have even been to Vegas and saw chickens in the hallway - However, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😂

Anyways, if you have done "an unwise chatbot purchasing decision" in 2023, and bought some junkware chatbot, and you want something that actually works - We'll throw in two months of free subscription for you. Contact us below and make sure you add WHAT-HAPPENS-IN-VEGAS-STAYS-IN-VEGAS in the body of your email, and we'll throw in two months of free ChatGPT chatbot for you and your employer to make your hangover slightly less painful 😊

Notice, if you require setup or training of your chatbot or staff, we still need to charge you the fee for this, since this is a manual job requiring hours of manual work for us.


Next time somebody gives you a ChatGPT pill in some back alley in Vegas, telling you to swallow it - Maybe pass on it. Just a friendly piece of advice ... 😉

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jd2r profile image

I'm waiting for someone to say that these articles are really ironic.

Telling me to pass on ChatGPT products, only to try and convince me to do business with AINIRO's GPT bot? Haven't heard that one before, but I respect the marketing grind.

polterguy profile image
Thomas Hansen

Thank you, if you had checked out our features, you'd understand why - Especially considering there's like 10,000 ChatGPT chatbot companies having surfaced the last 8 months ... ;)