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Start your own AI Website Chatbot Company

Since we released our AI Website Chatbot based upon ChatGPT, we've seen thousands of companies copying us. Most others would probably think that's a bad thing. However, we're thrilled to have competitors - And the more the merrier.

What always annoyed me though, was that it's too difficult to start your own ChatGPT AI website chatbot company. The domain problem is simply too complex. Sure, everybody can throw up a website crawler and use OpenAI's embeddings API and chat API - But there's a looooong way from that point to reaching the point where you can deliver the quality we're delivering. So we figured we'd just have to do something about that.

Our AI Website Chatbot Platform

We're different; First of all, our entire platform is open source. This allows you to simply fork our GitHub repository and start competing with us. And even though we'd love to see others doing that, it's simply too difficult for most to do. Building your own Kubernetes cluster, creating your own shop with Stripe integrations to charge clients, and making sure everything is up running, simply requires too much effort for most - So most people chose not to do it.

Maybe this is why everybody is creating mediocre ChatGPT website chatbots in Python or PHP?

However, we've already got the best tech in the industry, and everybody is anyways trying to copy us, so we figured we're just going to have to make the process easier. Besides, I'm tired of seeing mediocre copycat AI chatbot companies popping out from the woodwork like maggots. Might as well help them create better product, more easily being able to compete with us, while reducing the amount of maggots in the world, and increasing the number of butterflies, right?

Franchising our AI chatbot technology

To make it easier for others to compete with us, we realised we needed to lower the bar. Since we've already got the infrastructure in place, we realised we could basically just create a Franchise. Do me a favour, and go to our landing page. Did you notice the form in the middle of the screen?

ChatGPT website chatbot form

Since we installed the above form on our website, we've had 9 leads registering, giving us their name and email address, and creating a demo AI chatbot. The form was installed 2 days ago, and we've had roughly 150 website visitors since we installed the form on our page, which becomes a conversion of roughly 7%.

Imagine having 7% of website visitors giving you their email address? What would this do to your lead generation pipeline?

This is why we're open source licensing this entire webform, in addition to opening up our systems for our partners such that they can put a similar form on their own website. This allows you to start competing with us in 5 minutes, and sell your own AI website chatbots, completely white labeling our product. Try creating your own AI website chatbot to understand the process.

How it works

The way it works, is that you contact us and become a certified partner. This is a 2 to 3 hour long training session with Aria and Tage, in addition to a small pre-approval process to see if you're eligible. If you are eligible and able to deliver the quality we expect out of all of our partners, you'll get a Magic Cloudlet in our Kubernetes cluster with special rights, allowing you to use this cloudlet to create hundreds of demo AI chatbots. When this cloudlet is full, as long as we can economically justify it, we'll create a new cloudlet to you, that you can start filling up with additional clients and demos.

Once you're approved, all you've got to do is to copy and paste the code below, put it on your own website, and every single website visitor coming to your site afterwards can create their own AI Website Chatbot in 5 minutes. Every time somebody creates a chatbot, you're CC'ed on the initial email sent to the client with the demo chatbot and embed script, and you can use such users as the beginning of your lead funnel - Implying you'll have a 7% conversion from website visitors to leads. What you do with these leads is entirely up to you - However, we will require that you share 50% of your net revenue originating from selling AI chatbots with us.

If you want to use such leads to upsell website design, outsourcing software development services, or "whatever" is up to you. We really don't care, as long as you deliver kick ass amazing AI chatbots to your clients asking for such, and that you share revenue with us.

If you don't want to disclose that we're actually delivering the AI chatbot, we're perfectly fine with that. In fact, we prefer if you do not disclose that we're "behind the curtain" so to speak, since a part of our requirements is that you do all first level support, and we only support you when you're stuck with something.


If you've got some basic computer knowledge beyond the average computer user, and you're comfortable with introductory level CSS and HTML, maybe able to handle a WordPress blog - You've basically got the technical skills required to start your own AI website chatbot company in some 5 minutes.

The entire process of setting up your own AI website chatbot company can typically be achieved in some 2 to 3 hours in total, assuming you're able to add HTML and JavaScript code to your website somehow. Later we might create WordPress plugins completely automating the process, in addition to building automatic Stripe/payment integrations - But first we'll need to see how you perform to justify our own resource usage here.

The code

Below is the code required to start your own AI chatbot company.

  placeholder="Your name ..."

  placeholder="Your email ..."

  placeholder="Your website ..."


<button id="create_bot_btn">
  Create Chatbot
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And that's all HTML code you need. Below is the JavaScript required to hook up your form.

function onCreateBot(e) {

  grecaptcha.ready(function () {
      .execute(document.getElementById('recaptcha-site-key').value, { action: 'submit' })
      .then(function (token) {

        // Invoking backend.
        const payload = {
          name: document.getElementById('full_name').value,
          email: document.getElementById('email').value,
          url: document.getElementById('website').value,
          recaptcha_response: token,
        url = ''
        fetch(url, {
          method: 'POST',
          headers: {
            'Accept': 'application/json',
            'Content-Type': 'application/json'
          body: JSON.stringify(payload)
        }).then(res => {
          if (res.status >= 200 && res.status <= 299) {
            return res.json();
        }).then(() => {
          alert('Your chatbot is about to be created!');
  return false;

document.getElementById("create_bot")?.addEventListener("submit", onCreateBot);
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Wrapping up

Less than 50 lines of code, and you're in the AI Website Chatbot business. Not only are you in the AI Chatbot Business, but you can also rest assure of that you're delivering the best AI chatbots that money can buy. To understand our price structure such that you can see your expected earnings from franchising our chatbot company, you can check out our price structure here. So with a little bit of luck, we might increase the amount of competitors we currently have from some few thousands to some couple of millions before the end of the month 😁

Notice - We already have some exclusivity deals with partners in Norway and some few other partners in other parts of the world, prohibiting us from taking on more partners in these regions. However, for most wanting to create their own AI website chatbot company, this shouldn't be a problem.

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Delivering such an amazing product has never been easier!

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Thomas Hansen

So true ^_^