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How we Built a 20 Billion Dollar Company in 20 minutes

I did some research around SupaBase today for a Medium article I wrote, and I realised that using the same math on AINIRO.IO implies we're worth 20 billion dollars.

Warning - This is not going to make any sense for anyone reading this, including me, so I won't try to make any sense of it - I'll let the reader interpret it in whatever way the reader wants to interpret it. However, when you're building an open source platform, such as our Magic Clouc, the first thing investors will ask you about is how many users you have.

Users are your value

Typically, a VC firm will count number of likes on your GitHub profile, and extrapolate some value from that number - Not realising that a much better way to count users is to use download count of your platform, particularly in binary form, since almost nobody seriously using a platform is interested in its code, unless it's scattered with bugs they have to fix for you.

As I counted downloads of SupaBase and compared towards our own Magic Cloud, here is what I found.

  • SupaBase has 500,000 downloads
  • Magic has 10,000,000 downloads

This implies we've got roughly 20x as many users as SupaBase, even though they have 67x as many likes on their GitHub repository. I've created some "theories" about why this is in my original Medium article, so I won't repeat my theories here - But you can find a link to the article further up in this article. However, the only natural conclusion becomes ...

We're 20 times more valuable than SupaBase

SupaBase of course is evaluated at roughly 1 billion dollars, implying we're worth 20 billion dollars.

When I started writing this article, I named it "How we built a 20 billion dollar company in 10 months" - However, I realised I could do better. Since our company was worth (at most) 1 million dollars yesterday, and (apparently) is worth 20 billion dollars today, I changed the title of the article to "in 20 minutes", since that was the amount of time I spent writing this article.

I made 20 billion dollars the last 20 minutes, how much did you earn? 😂

Psst, if you're interested in investing in AINIRO.IO, forget about it, we're not interested. Go find something else to spend your money on - Because contrary to most in our vertical, we're more interested in building value than creating refined VC scams. And to be honest with you, 100% of my experiences with VC is living proof of that VC in its entirety is a scam.

If you're looking for kick ass AI solutions though, you can contact our little 20 billion dollar company below. A 20 billion dollar company with 4 employees may I add ... 😉

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