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Free ChatGPT Chatbot Challenge


To give back to our community we're launching the Free ChatGPT Chatbot Challenge. The rules are simple.

  • You need a high quality website
  • You need to create a free demo chatbot
  • You need to embed the chatbot on your website
  • You need to be the administrator of an Open Source project, and/or running a non-profit organisation, that somehow benefits the world
  • You need to share this article in Social Media and send us a screenshot, and/or at-reply us

If the above applies to you, you can create a free 7-day trial chatbot here, for then to write us an email explaining why you deserve to be given a free chatbot. If we find you worthy we will give you a permanent free ChatGPT AI chatbot that you can embed on your website, providing your users with extra service, allowing them to "talk to your website".

The chatbot will be built from a maximum of 25 pages from your website, so if you've got hundreds or thousands of pages, it will not be able to answer all questions related to your website - But we will configure it such that it provides a link of your chosing when asked a question it cannot answer. The chatbot will also be restricted to answering a maximum of 500 questions each month, unless you've got your own OpenAI API key, at which point it will be able to answer a maximum of 7,500 questions per month.

If you think you deserve a free website AI chatbot, then create your demo chatbot, and tell us why you deserve to be given a free chatbot by containg us below.

Notice, the competition lasts until the 23rd of October 2023, at which point we will announce the winners on our blog 😊

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