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Document your Software project with AI

If documentation is the largest problem software developers have, the second largest problem is probably answering questions about our software.

Most software developers spends a lot of time answering questions about their software. This takes precious time from us that we could use to implement new features and fix bugs.

An AI chatbot can't help you write your documentation, but once you have high quality documentation, it can definitely eliminate a lot of questions if you configure it correctly. Below is a screenshot of our chatbot in action.

Our AI chatbot explaining how to create an AI chatbot

An AI chatbot for your software system

We already have several clients that are using our AI chatbot for these purposes - However, probably the best use case is our own software system, which is highly complex, and therefor difficult to initially understand. We get a lot of questions about Magic Cloud, and even though I love answering these questions, a lot of questions can be automated by the AI.

This frees up a lot of my time, and allows users to get instant answers, without having to wait for me to reply to them. Below is a screenshot from our own documentation website where our own AI chatbot is explaining how I can create a Hyperlambda Workflow.

Our AI chatbot explaining how to create an AI chatbot

Notice how the chatbot's response contains images, embeds YouTube videos, and everything required to provide the user with a rich multi media experience as they are looking for information. In addition to these features, the chatbot can also be triggered by "external links", such as the following illustrates.

Automate at least 30% of Customer Support

If you're a software vendor you're probably spending a lot of time answering questions about your system. According to IBM, and our own numbers from Resolve System, at least 30% of these questions can be automated with an AI chatbot. I suspect the real numbers in the end will become much higher than this. This implies that your company can save a lot of resources with an AI chatbot. In the following video I am demonstrating how our own AI chatbot helps our users.

If you have a company with dozens of support technicians, this implies you're saving thousands of dollars every single month with an AI chatbot.

Our chatbot's implementation details

AI is not a silver bullet. To create a high quality AI chatbot you still need high quality documentation. However, if you have high quality documentation, you can expect a high quality chatbot. Our documentation is based upon Markdown. This allows us to import this Markdown as it is directly into our cloudlet. This creates much better results than scraping websites, and preserves hyperlinks, YouTube videos, and images.

This allows us to display relevant screenshots, and embed YouTube videos to further guide the user where required - Which of course creates a high quality user experience for the end user. We don't have numbers of exactly how much of our resources we are saving, since we've always had this AI chatbot - But a qualified guess would be it's somewhere around 50%. We can confidently say this because our AI chatbot is answering hundreds and sometimes thousands of questions every single month, and users are using it to generate Hyperlambda and ask for help every single day.

If you want to try our AI chatbot, you can find it below.

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