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Week V Task Force 4.0

Code is Art

Hello , @placideh here again !! I hope this journal finds you well🤩. As this blockquote above
states: "coding is art "🤓 yes sure, programming it is all about building ideas from scratch and turns it into the reality and that's why programmers mostly are called problem solver , basically they look into world as it needs another way round of operating and provide a good solution to some problems with just using computing tools.

As week V goes by I was building some cool application and that's is where I have come to realize that all of this application that developers are building it is an art where by we are turning ideas from mind and make them reality just by using the computing tools and most specifically we are doing this for people. This is what I mean whenever computer specialists are developing an application they are doing this, thinking of the end users of that system or app. For us I have come to experience that this art of code has to be something meaning that people will be able to use as a great way of easing their daily lifestyle.

The take away from this, is that the people needs more problem solvers so that we can make our world a better place , And that's what brought me into technology, it is a field that at least you could build something great and it impacts not only people from your location however around the world. This brings a good feelings that you may reach to almost everyone on the planet by simply using this technology that our great programmers have made.

Thank you and I hope to see you again in week VI and also showing you great app that we have developed.

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