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Week III Task Force 4.0

Code Can't Lie 🤣

Hello again, now I could say that I am already a Task Force🦾 , this week was cool and super I have experienced working as a team and the merits from it. Basically this is the week that the team(Task-Force) really become one element, by this we started working together brainstorming to come up with a great MVP(Minimum Viable Product), I have also liked the way we started sharing our own personal life experience which was also a great takeaway like Empathy.

I have loved the Soft skills that I have been introduced to, ain't going to lie it was really a valuable sessions. As Backend Developers we also have to work and collaborate on Technical skills that's where the team working , cooperation and creativity comes to play, This week we have worked on ERD Entity relationship diagram mainly we've designed possible Entities to be used in our project not only that we have created their cardinalities as well as creating their SQL queries . throughout SQL I have come to see a json datatype in MySql🤔 That's made me realize that This Field is all about learning journey, The more you learn the more you tend to find you know less but, in anyways it is great and super.

I can't wait to see you the next Week !!! ✌.

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