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CodeJourneys Meetup - 14.10.2021

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CodeJourneys meetup | 14.October.2021 18:30 CET

On the 14th October 2021 we are going to host a free remote meetup.

We meet us at 18:30CET on Zoom and everybody is welcome.

We invite all those who participate in our events to help us create safe and positive experiencesfor everyone.

We have the pleasure to host 2 talks:

1. Demystifying Web Accessibility – 3 Ways to get Started

Josefine Schaefer

18:35 – 18:50

Product Engineer & Technical Content Creator @SinnerSchrader // Part of Accenture Interactive (she / her)

In this session, we will discuss the basics of Web Accessibility: from basic terminology and core concepts to practical things you as a developer can do to get started. In this hands-on session, there will be suggestions for tools you can use as well as plenty of room to ask accessibility related questions.

2.Accessibility in multimedia contents. – Focus on auditorial disabilities

Miriam Contino

19:00 – 19:15

User Experience Designer @SinnerSchrader // Part of Accenture Interactive (she / her)

In this session, we will talk about Accessibility for Multimedia content. We will introduce the techniques and explain when to use them, pointing out why they are relevant and how everyone benefits from them.

How to attend the meetup?

The Zoom’s link will be shared on Slack and on Eventbrite. Be sure that you are either on the CJ Slack or reserve a free slot on Eventbrite.

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