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My first React app

pixan198 profile image Ashish Chawda ・2 min read

COVID19 Tracker

GitHub logo pixan198 / covid19_tracker

A web app to track latest coronavirus infected people all over world.

I was learning react from various YouTube tutorials and many of them suggested to start a project in react, so that, I can maximize my learning of the framework.

I started searching on YouTube for react project tutorials since it was my first project, so, I took help of tutorials to get acquainted with workflow. Then I encountered a tutorial to make a Covid 19 tracking web app using react by JavaScript Mastery. I followed the instructions and made a web app which tracks latest Covid19 cases using an API( I'd never worked with APIs so it was a whole new experience fetching data in JSON and rendering it on webpage. I'd learned a lot from working on a project.

I'd suggest to everyone who are trying to learn a new tool, language or framework, you should learn the basics from whatever thing you prefer tutorials or courses, but , after that start working on a project that doesn't need to be remarkable it can be as simple as a to-do list or calculator but atleast try to build something , if you've choosen something complex take help of internet reach out to people who are experts at it and ask them how to pursue this.

Don't compare yourself with anyone, everybody has a different life, their pace of Learning is different. Just compare yourself with your previous self, who was you a day before and who are you today, what you have learnt new in a day , what good deeds you've done and that's all which matters.

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