FreeDNS: Subdomains for your side projects, demos, aliases...

Raul Piraces Alastuey on January 06, 2019

In my daily life, besides working as a Software developer, I'm always interested into launching new personal/side-projects. I launch simple webs,... [Read Full]
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Be aware that when using a shared domain that it can get difficult to impossible to use LetsEncrypt certificates, as they will limit the amount of certificates that can be requested by one domain. So when you use one of those shared domains with over thousands of users, you'll most certainly never host on HTTPS with LetsEncrypt.


True. I'd recommend using free services like GitHub Pages or Netlify to host using SSL with these subdomains. That only works for static sites though, of course.


Good point. That's very important...

Thank you for the information.


Personally I just went ahead and bought my own 'side-projects' domain for like $15 on Route53 ( and now any projects I build I just setup as subdomains of it ( / Not sure what the limitations of this setup are but so far it's worked out well for me.


You can always use for this without having to sign up to any site or configure anything.

If your web host has an IP address of you can get a proper hostname by going to and if you need subdomains you would just goto

You could even configure Let's Encrypt to work with it if you wanted to, but you're sharing the rate limit for everyone on

I wrote about and other useful tools for local subdomains / etc. at


Very cool, is a great domain for some projects :)

One alternative I know of is, which is intended for JavaScript projects.


I used to use (running since 2001)

Now, I just dump everything onto it's own subdomain of my blog (

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