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My day job is designing and developing websites, but in my off time, I like to build all kinds of things, including Ruby gems, iPhone apps, and Alexa skills.

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Dev Bootcamp Chicago - Copperheads (2015)

#discussHow can you prepare for a job at Google?

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1 min read

What are the best alternatives to Adobe assets?

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#discussWhat's the Craziest Question You Ever Asked on Stack Overflow?

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The Many Worlds of Programming

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Don't Do It “Because Google Does It”

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You’re Allowed to Break Your Own Advice, and You’re Allowed to Change Your Mind.

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Ten Tips to Get the Most out of Your Rapid Reps

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#discussWhich Do You Value More, Your Time or Your Privacy?

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#discussHow Do You Continuously Learn?

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Organize Your Side Projects with a Single Domain!

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Seven Steps to Setup a Side Project Domain

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Ruby vs Elixir - FizzBuzz

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Are Ruby and Elixir the Perfect Yin and Yang?

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The Secret to Being a Successful Programmer

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A Maintainable Way to Learn New Skills

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