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Learning to Program 02: The What

Game Development Lecturer interested in AI, Programming Languages, Graphics and most importantly teaching Programming.
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We've looked at a basic background and prologue to this series, just to contextualise the purpose of this series. We've also looked a little at the why, and hopefully you have an idea of why you want to learn to program. This is not something to be taken lightly as it will help guide you on your journey. The why is your ultimate goal that you are aiming for.

But let's take a break from these vague generalities and get into the what. What exactly will this series cover?

My intention is not for this series to be a linear progression, from your first program, to intermediate topics, to advanced topics. There are many excellent resources (tutorials, video series, bootcamps, books, degrees etc.) that follow this approach. My intention is for this series to be more of a undirected journey, that slowly builds up layer upon layer, brick upon brick, until we have constructed an overview and had a discussion about the most important topics, concepts and approaches in programming.

Even though this will be a somewhat meandering journey there is still a need for some kind of golden thread or focus, and some way to follow that thread. That is the purpose of this post, to be a continually updated repository of all the other posts in the series (with some sneaky recursion just for fun). I will update this post whenever I add a new post to the series so make sure you keep checking back here for updates:


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