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Friday Night Deploys: # 4 - How To Not Suck In A Team (And Also Get Rock Hard Abs)

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Giving Up! Tik Tok! Screaming in Walmart! Vaping! The LOTR trilogy! Games your girlfriend will hate! Murder? Baby gates! P90X! Rock hard abs! The Amityville Horror! Failing at our podcast! The Plain White T's discography! Defenestration! Giphy! The Phantom of the Opera! Raising the morale of your severely overworked employees with a pizza party! How to not suck in a team!

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Filipe Teixeira

Just rated it 5*!!! Amazing

phizzard profile image
Phil Tietjen

Thanks a ton Felipe! Glad you enjoyed the show, we had a great time talking about the core essentials: teamwork and abs!