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Phalcon 3.4.5 released

We are happy to announce that we have released Phalcon 3.4.5.

This is a maintenance release, addressing several issues in particular with PHP 7.

We did state in the past that we will no longer support v3 since v4 is just around the corner. However we decided on this maintenance release so as to help users with v3 and some of their critical bugs.



  • Fixed segfault in Phalcon\Mvc\Micro\LazyLoader::__call() when the handler has a syntax error. #12396
  • Fixed RuntimeException in Phalcon\Db\Adapter\Pdo Trying to call method upper on a non-object. #14330
  • Fixed Phalcon\Storage\Adapter\Redis::delete() deprecated warning from php-redis #14281

As always, a huge thank you to our community!!


Windows DLLs are available from the Github 3.4.5 tag page.

Phalcon 3.4.5 can be installed from the v3.4.5 tag, if you don’t have Zephir installed follow these instructions:

git clone
cd cphalcon/build
sudo ./install

Note that running the installation script will replace any version of Phalcon installed before. has been updated to allow your package manager (for Linux machines) to upgrade to the new version seamlessly.

NOTE : The RPMs and DEBs will take a bit of time to be rebuilt, so they might not be immediately available.

NOTE : Windows DLLs are now available in our Github Release page.

Users of v3 that need/want to port your code to PHP 7.3 you will need to use this version and as always a big thank you to our contributors!

<3 Phalcon Team

Discussion (5)

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Nikolaos Dimopoulos Author

It is getting there. We see more and more people in our Discord server every day.

Now that Phalcon has been accepted in PECL, it will only become more popular as time passes :)

edimeri profile image
Erkand Imeri

Definitely needs more attention. I want to try a full-stack combination of Phalcon + Vue in the future.

niden profile image
Nikolaos Dimopoulos Author

There are plans for a full example of Phalcon and Vue after v4 is released which should be by next month.

We are also considering upgrading our forum to Phalcon+Vue... :)

edimeri profile image
Erkand Imeri

Waiting for that. Keep the good work, i am new to Phalcon, just going through the documentation but i would really like to check it in combination with Vue.