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Why PoP OS is my favorite Linux Distro?

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Why PoP OS is my favorite Linux Distro? Well long story short: because I love the UI/UX and it is so handy.

Ok, but this is an article, so I have to explain a bit more right? I have been a Windows user, for well. 30+ years now. Man... What a waste of time...

So in the middle of last year, I switched to Linux...

Previously I've tried to use Linux(Ubuntu) several times, but I never had luck. I've always ren into some problems that I could not solve, besides that, I had problems with the command line as well.

Do I always have to use this command line stuff? Why? It is so hard?

  • This is what I was thinking.

So I've switched back to Windows many times. Also, there was a compatibility issue with the programs that I used. Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on. I did try Wine and PlayOnLinux but I could not get the programs that I needed to work with them on my Ubuntu.

I thought that maybe this is not for me. But last year at the beginning of the summer I've pulled myself together and give it a try again. I said there is no turning back, no matter what.

First I've switched my Main PC to Ubuntu. And I have used it for a week, searching for open source solutions for Ubuntu that can replace the Win applications. I've found many of them. I have to learn a lot of stuff completely from scratch. Like how to design logos in Inkscape, or how to modify images in Gimp or Krita. But it felt good to evolve, and not to be stuck between the monetizing claws of Adobe and such. So after a week, I have switched all my machines to Ubuntu at home. Let's play hard.

I really loved it. It was a bit hard at the beginning but then it was so easy in the end. In the meantime in the middle of the summer, I felt like I am missing something. I liked Ubuntu, but Something was not cool. So I've jumped into Google's ocean again ad read a ton of articles, did a million searches, and watched hours of videos. This result came up:

I have to switch/try Pop OS...

I have installed it on my desktop, and wow... That is it. I really like it. It is so clean and so from the future. Previously I've tried Clear Linux also, but I did not like it much. So the interface the look and the feel of Pop OS are so great. That was love for the first sign. I just can't explain it. It is just so handy and looks polished.

Even if I had some problem with the installation of the PHP environment, I cannot say anything bad about Pop OS. And because of this little problem above, I have to study a little bit about Docker. Why not, I've heard so much about it, so I will catch up on some knowledge about it in the next few months.

So back to the OS. I love the dark and the light theme as well. - Of course, my favorite is the dark one - Love the Pop Shop, where you can find all the applications. The other thing that I love is that because it is based on Ubuntu, you can do the same things with it, as with Ubuntu. Love the wallpapers, the installation screens, and the small tweaks that come with Pop.

Even though I am new to Linux, I am comfortable with this distribution. I know quite a lot about it today. So If you tried/liked ubuntu, and if you want to try something new, you must give a shot to Pop OS.

Here are some detailed changes from the near past:

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