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Why AI Will Be a Top Cybersecurity Trend in 2022

Artificial intelligence has been in tech news headlines for several years now. And this technology is surely making its way into the 2022 trends. One of the most perspective use cases of AI is in cybersecurity. Let’s explore why it’s high time to look into AI for your platform’s security.

No human error

Artificial intelligence reduces the chances of an overlooked risk. Everybody makes mistakes (Hannah Montana said so, at least), and your cybersecurity specialist is not an exclusion. It doesn’t mean that you have to fire anyone — AI is only a tool that will work perfectly if used wisely.

By introducing artificial intelligence software in your company, you give your security department a chance to identify any risks faster, without scanning the system manually every day. In the meanwhile, they can work on strategic decisions and address the identified problems.

What is more, if you run a digital startup or a smaller company, you might not have the budget to hire a cybersecurity professional. In this case, an AI tool can be your only investment into your business’ and customers’ data safety.

Breach risk predictions

One characteristic of AI is that the system learns over time. It means that the longer you use the artificial intelligence software, the more precise its risk predictions get. AI-aided tools help you identify and manage all the potential vulnerabilities without investing too much time in the process.

It takes a lot of resources to regularly scan your digital infrastructure, especially if it’s a bigger company. AI evaluates your current system to identify the weak points or deviations and offers suggestions on leveraging the data breach risks.

Round the clock availability

One of the biggest challenges met by a cybersecurity team is time and resource restrictions. Your company’s personnel will rarely work at night or over the weekend, right? It’s best if you get updated information about any possible breach risks at all times. You never know when someone tries to target your platform or some aspect of your security system fails.

Target more data in a shorter time

One more reason to consider introducing AI software to monitor your security is the amount of data such a tool can process. This is especially important for bigger enterprises. Again, no matter the skills and expertise, there is a limit to human capabilities, especially when it comes to large scopes of data.

Even the best team of cybersecurity specialists might run into time restrictions or lack of tech resources. If there is a way to make their job easier and more effective with the help of AI software, why not benefit from it? AI tools will target the specialists’ attention when necessary instead of them routinely scanning the system over and over again.


Artificial intelligence can help a business in numerous ways — from assisting your customers via chatbots to guarding your data as a part of automized security tool. No wonder predictions are that AI will play an even more significant role in tech this year.

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