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What book(s) has influenced your career?

Pedram marandi
Fullstack JS developer
・1 min read

Hello everyone,

I have recently read The Pragmatic Programmer book and it significantly influences the way I behave, code, and I think about different aspects of this career.

I suggest you all have a look at it.

I'm so eager to read more non-coding books, would be great if you share some with me.

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Fabian Holzer • Edited

There is one, to which I'm coming back every once in a while: "Apprenticeship Patterns" by Dave Hoover & Adewale Oshineye.

The first time I read it, was shortly after it came out, in 2009. At that point in time, I had just changed my field of studies to from electrical engineering to informatics and was looking for some practical advise on leveling up my skills.

The book provided a lot of good advice on how to approach mastering the craft of software development. It is structured in the form of a pattern language. It's a rather slim volume and can be read quickly, and lends itself also well to a cursory reading.

When I re-read it,it's always interesting for me to notice, how I changed, by realizing which patterns have become of higher or lower relevance to myself.

The book can be read for free online at O'Reilly.

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Jose Gonzalez

Developer Hegemony - Erik Dietrich @daedtech

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Glenn Stovall • Edited

For Non-coding books,

Here are mine:

Millionaire Fastlane -- Got me thinking about acquiring assets instead of increasing income.

Value-Based Pricing -- Got me thinking about charging based on value, not on hours.

Essentialism, Deep Work -- Got me thinking about depth, not breadth.

So Good They Can't Ignore You -- Got me thinking about outputs, not inputs.

Just F***ing Ship -- Got me thinking about shipping, not just working.

The Gervais Principle -- Got me thinking about social interactions, not just quality of work.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together -- Got me thinking about how to better keep my sh*t together

Improv Wisdom -- Got me to live in the moment, and not over plan.

The War of Art (and the rest of the trilogy) -- Got me to accept that inner battles are part of the deal.

F*** Feelings -- Taught me that everyone feels weird illogical things and that is okay.

SPIN Selling -- Taught me that sales are not sleazy, but it is the art of matching people with problems with solutions.

The Brain Audit -- Taught me how and why people buy.

The Elements of Style -- How to write gooder.

The Personal MBA -- How to business.

Getting Things Done -- Taught me how to organize, relieve anxiety, and well, get more done.

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Ben Halpern

Clean Code definitely. Plenty of non-coding books. I just read Creative Quest by Questlove and really liked it as practical guidance for getting the most out of creative work, which coding often is.

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