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A New Path to Learning About Cloud

Learning a new technology can be difficult. Having the right tools makes all the difference between an enjoyable experience and a difficult one. A new Web site, 100DaysOfCloud, is providing huge benefits to my Azure learning journey.

There are a few podcasts that are my goto places to learn about Azure and cloud technologies. One podcast I listen to frequently is Mike Pfeiffer's podcast. It is an excellent source for learning about cloud technology, especially from a DevOps perspective, but also from a broader view of the cloud.

In a recent episode, Mike talked with Gwyneth Pena, an Azure MVP, about starting down the path to learning Azure. During that interview, Gwyneth discussed the 100DaysOfCloud Web site. The Web site is self-described as a "cloud community challenge" - a place where newbies like me can get hands-on experience while learning about cloud technologies. Full disclosure - I have no affiliation with the 100DaysOfCloud Web site nor the podcast other than that of a participant and listener.

The Web site is in its early stage of development. For instance, there is a notification stating the registration functionality hasn't been coded yet. However, there is more than enough information and materials there to get you started. Read thru the FAQ and Rules sections to get an understanding of how everything works. Be sure to check out their getting started videos. Those explain how to set up your GitHub repository and the exercises you'll need to complete each day. Also, there are some articles posted on AWS and Azure in a wide range of topics.

Beyond the skills you'll learn, the site is fostering a community of people who are supporting those who are learning, and teaching, Azure. I'm excited about this aspect of the site. It is encouraging to think that in addition to learning a new skill, I may be able to help others along their learning path as well.

Be sure to add both the podcast and 100DaysOfCloud Web site to your learning toolbox. Each of these resources provides helpful, valuable information that will make your learning path more productive and enjoyable.

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