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PagerDuty Community Weekly Update, January 3, 2023

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday. We’re back at it and ready to go for 2023!

Seasons Freezings Recap

Holiday change freezes are all about preserving reliability while folks take some down time. Here’s a recap of all the features of the Seasons Freezings series, and a head start for your new year’s resolutions against toil!

Find us in person!

Where in the world is PagerDuty DevRel? We’re back on the road in 2023!

  • Next week, we’ll be at CodeMash in Sandusky, Ohio Jan 11-13th! Scott will have a talk, Reduce System Fragility with Terraform and PagerDuty will have a booth! Mandi will have a sponsored session, Best Practices for On Call Teams.
  • In February, Mandi will be back at CfgMgmtCamp in Ghent, Belgium! She’ll have a session on Tuesday, Feb 7 on Rundeck: Dev To Production with Self-Service Automation.

We hope to see you! Say hi, we might have PagerDuty stickers. :D

We’re also virtual!

On the Podcast

This week we have an episode about the Ops.IO community! You can find PagerDuty on Ops.IO! Thanks @johnson_brad and @ellativity for joining! Subscribe to Page it to the Limit so you never miss an episode. We’ve got a bunch of great episodes in the pipeline for you!

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We’re looking for a modern NOC story if you have some experience there and would like to share!

On Twitch

We’re on Twitch twice a week, covering all things PagerDuty. Our regular shows are:

  • Terraform Time: Mondays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific
  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific.

Follow our channel for alerts when we go live! You can also view our most recent episodes on Twitch. You can see some of our earlier streams on the YouTube playlist.

Get in Touch

If you have a question about PagerDuty, check out our Community Forums for advice from friendly folks. If you’d like to be on our podcast or Twitch, or just say hi, email us at We’d love to hear what you’re doing with PagerDuty!

Follow us on Social Media!

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Really enjoyed chatting with you about The Ops Community, @lnxchk ! Thanks for having us on Page It To The Limit 😊 Recording with you is so much fun!

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