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The more commands you run, the bigger your image will be.

However, an empty PHP image should be nowhere near 1GB in size.

Our complete application build for PHP is only 700 MB, and we haven't even started optimizing yet.

How are you reviewing your image sizes?


I am using a CI/CD pipeline (travis) and I try to use a single step for making the images. I build a multi-version (both debian-based and alpine-based) docker images for moodle (github.com/ellakcy/docker-moodle ) and I try to use a single RUN step for them.

So I thought whether replacing the header files after built with normal packages I can shave off few Megabytes of the final image as a complementary measure on the existing one: Reducing the amount of steps.

Also I see the sizes by typing into the terminal:

docker images
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