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Is good idea to use jira task on the branch I am working for?

pcmagas profile image Dimitrios Desyllas ・1 min read

On my job I work on we use git flow. Once it comes to resolve a task I use the task ticket as a branch name for example:

git flow feature start PROJECT-1234

But this approach is frowned upon CTO because makes him hard to understand the feature or bugfix that I was resolving. In my opinion I think is good because it provides a valid pointer and to somewhere to look more in detail on what I was doing and what I was tasked upon, whilst having a no-brainer on how to name the branch.

So do you think that my approach aid a lot on team into merging my changes and understand what I was doing or it actually makes it harder?

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Jonas Geschke

I think both your opinion and theirs are valid. That's why I like to name my branches like PROJECT-1234-small-description.