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How I can traverse a tree structure using closure tables in order to create a json at Eloquent models?

At this question:

In my application I have the following tables:

    id bigint IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL
    name nvarchar(255) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL,
    folder bigint NULL,
    [type] nvarchar(10) NOT NULL CHECK ([type] IN ('FILE', 'FOLDER')) DEFAULT 'FOLDER',
    CONSTRAINT folder_fk FOREIGN KEY (folder) REFERENCES files(id),

I emulate a filesystem in my database. And I want to generate a Json by traversing the nessesary models. So far I use this approach:

$json = Files::with('parentFolder','files')->whereNull('folder')->get()->toJson();
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But my gut instinct says that this approach is slow and I am trying to use a closure table. But I am kinda stuck....

I mean I made the nessesary tables and models but Idk how to use the closure in order to gereneate my Json.

Can I have some help upon that?

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