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How I can reset private instance variables if an exception is not thrown in a classe's public methods?

What I want to achieve is to have a mechanism that sets and resets a guard value so I can avoid an object to be saved if not all the requirements are met.

So how In the question bellow I have a private variable that tells me if I should proceed into the object save or not.

I have the following class that implements the logic for setting a booking:

class DBRecord
   public $id
   public $value1;
   public $value2;

class CreateADbRecord

   private $dbRecord;
   private $canSave = true;

   public function __construct()
     $this->dbRecord = new DBRecord();

   public function setValueOne($value)
      if(is_numeric($value) && $value < 0

But I want to implement a way that allows me to reset it in case that everything is done as it should.

Can you help me with that?

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