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Dimitrios Desyllas
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How I can emulate a network failure on aws codebuild?

Hello I need to emulate a network failure on my pipeline so I can check my caching solution I implement:

Do you know how?

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What's the relation between cache and pulling off the internet plug ?
Even if CodeBuild has access to internet, if cache was created the first time and is still not expired, you should verify if dependencies are coming from cache.

You can check CodeBuild logs and see if the overall duration was reduced.
In my understanding, the UPLOAD_ARTIFACTS duration should reduce, although DOWNLOAD_SOURCE duration may or may not decrease.

Additionally, you can verify if cache is getting created during build by going to S3 and manually deleting the old cache archive.

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Dimitrios Desyllas

I want to test that if I pull the plug the build would also run with cached content.