Finding a University in Japan for researching Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

pcmagas profile image Dimitrios Desyllas ・1 min read

Guys, beyond loving to code my own projects 48/9 (because in professional software engineering, there are some limitations such as time and job estimations) I also love in Japan and keeping your personal-data-chan safe ;)

So I plan to continue my master thesis into a PhD in Japan (Akiba babe!!!). But I have a big hardship. How to locate a university that actually does research on privacy and hopefully to release my fruits of my research as Libre Open and Free software ('cause we all love freedom in speech and in beers[or chocholate milk i hate beer]).

So I would love if you can suggest me some Universities that Actually do research on privacy and Privacy enhancing technologies. can you do please (does puppy eyes)?


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