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Exploring Phaser 3 - A lightweight game development framework

I recently participated in a 72-hour game development competition, where 17 teams competed to create an indie game using the theme Fly. We scored 13/17, which isn't too bad considering I had no prior experience working with the framework Phaser 3. I went on to use Phaser for additional projects, and wanted to share my experiences learning the framework.

Easy to learn

All you need to know to get started is JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, instead of loading up 3D environments such as Unity, learning C#, and watching lengthy tutorials.

Designed for building browser games

The framework is designed to allow you to set up, build, and deploy to the web quickly. It has basic 3D capabilities but is best when used to create indie games.

Great documentation and resources

There are code examples of scenarios that can get you set up quickly. But with the transition from Phaser 2 to Phaser 3, some of the community-driven resources are obsolete.

Improve your JavaScript

JavaScript will continue to be one of the most prevalent programming languages, so spending time to improve it is a great investment. I was able to find clever uses for the latest JavaScript features in the intricacies of game programming.

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