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Fun feature update

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Had too much coffee this morning and added a fun animated gesture feature to - a fun video conferencing app that utilises spatial audio & video to create an experience where attendees can move around and speak with others around them. The GIF with demo might load for a minute or two!

This work was done quite quickly - fortunately I found davidfig/pixi-ease on Github which made it much easier.

How does it work?

  1. User selected a gesture on the keyboard (each key from 1->7 is bound to a different gesture).
  2. App picks it up and sends an event via to the server. The server picks it up, figures out who sent it and informs everyone in the same room that a gesture has been emitted.
  3. Gesture event with associated playerId comes back to all of the clients connected to the room.
  4. Particular animation is triggered on the body of the player using pixi-ease.

Would love to know what you think! Maybe virtual gestures could be a cool addition to this new zoom alternative :)

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