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CoLlama 🦙 - code autocompletion (local machine and free)

In the recent post, I write about using codellama as our local version of code assistant.

There was a sentence:

The extension do not support code completion, if you know extension that support code completion, please let me know in the comments. 🙏

You know what? I found a way to use llama to support code autocompletion! 🥳

As you guess 🤓 you need ollama installed locally, if you don't have, take a look to the previous post 🙏

So what we need:

Let's configure it together, step by step! 🧑‍💻

Download codellama:7b-code

Extension require this model, you cannot choose any other 🫣, but it is pretty good optimised to the job ⚙️

ollama pull codellama:7b-code
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Image description

Install CodyAI extension

You gonna find it in an extension browser bar by searching "cody ai"

Image description

Configure CodyAI to use ollama as your companion

  • go to vs code settings
  • put inside search bar: cody.autocomplete.advanced.provider
  • you should see the option
  • set it to "experimental-ollama"

Image description

Make sure CodyAI autocompletion is enabled

  • Click on CodyAI icon at the bottom right bar Image description
  • make sure option "Code autocomplete" is enabled

Image description

Make sure you are running ollama

That seems obvious, but it's worth reminding! 😅

Test it!

Image description


So right now you can have ollama supporting you as chat assistant and with code autocompletion as well! 🤩

Locally, secure and free! 🆓

Did you try ollama as code companion? What do you think about it?

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