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As dev.to, I created my own Chrome extension (sorry Firefox), I was tired of not seeing the complete URL of a tweet. I felt the right to know where I'm going to land. Also, a lot of information can be found in a URL (URLs can be UI), and my click can depend on them. Example :

Without fasterLinks

What's the complete name of the repo?

I've been using my extension, called fasterLinks (worst name ever?), for 3 years now, and even now I have trouble to use Twitter without it. So I wanted to share it with my favorite online community.! It replaces every short URLs (bitly, etc.) and display long, for twitter, URLs at their full length. With fasterLinks

Marketers love to add several UTMs to track tweets performance, as they are visual pollution, the extension removes them as well.

fasterLinks is free, open source, it does not contains any trackers, except the one used to count active users (28!!) on the Chrome store.

Fork it https://github.com/polomarcus/faster-links and/or try it https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fasterlinks/ojggkiabpbjlckhpaphgdhhojgcpimah

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Fun extension. Happy to see a shoutout to ours too. It's been a bit of an afterthought after we released it so nice to see.


Using the WebExtensions API your extension should be able to work in Firfox, Edge, and Opera with little to no changes :D


Awesome idea! I also click on them based on where it redirects, sadly I'm a Firefox guy