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re: How many computers do you use? VIEW POST


I have a custom built desktop, a Lenovo laptop, an iPad Mini, and an LG G6.

My desktop runs Linux and I use for everything from playing the occasional game to programming to doing my taxes.

The laptop runs the exact same setup as my desktop and also shares all config and project files with the desktop, either via git or Dropbox. This makes it really easy to seamlessly switch between the two machines without having to setup my dev environment again for a certain project. I mainly use it for coding.

I originally bought the iPad exclusively for university, but it's rather handy to browse code and quickly answer smaller issues when you don't have the laptop around.

The phone's main use is for reading the occasional article and twitter, it's basically a distraction in pocket format. I don't really use it for productivity anymore.

At home I only use the desktop and when I'm at the university, I use the latop or the iPad depending on what I'm working on.

EDIT: I also have a Raspberry PI which for now only runs an IRC bouncer.

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