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I think web browsers are moving the same paths (and trying for similar complexities) as mobile dev (iOS, Android), so compilation is inevitable. "View Page Source" / "Inspect Element" is not the goal.

One of the similarities is requiring servers to leverage the work, while servers try to give as much work as possible to the clients (as CPU on the clients becoming cheaper and more powerful).


I am beginning to think that the future of the Web utltimatley aims to democratize application distribution, where we would no longer need the approval of monopolies and app stores to launch apps.

The future of the Web is not to host new applications, but to move native apps towards a more "open" platform, hence the similarities you pointed out with mobile app development.

Either way, that is a very interesting point you brought up. Although we can never be sure if this is the right direction, this is the direction we're taking nonetheless.


You are right. All platform compatible, with the same standards. Unlike mobile.

Also, not App Store dependent, although currently DNS-dependent...

I guess this just has the consequence that the future of "view page source" is no more.

If the Web will ultimately serve to replace the native mobile platform, then the compiled distribution files should serve no purpose to the end-user as well.

There would be no point in maintaining a "beautiful" page source if it would not matter to the end-user. Everything would be for the sake of network efficiency.

If this is the direction of the Web, I would say "view page source" is as good as dead. But at least it promotes platform-independence, right?

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