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Get up to speed with Particle Variable and Function Primitives

IoT Projects often need to share the data they collect, or enable external systems to trigger actions. That’s the “I” in IoT, after all. To make connectivity easier, Particle provides a number of “primitives” in the built-in Device OS, including variables, functions and messaging with Particle publish and subscribe.

In this video, I walk through a simple project that shows you how to use the Particle Variable and Function primitives with a Particle Argon, and two Grove sensors from the Grove Starter Kit for Particle Mesh.

With the variable and function primitives, developers can access local device state, for instance, to retrieve the latest reading from a connected sensor, or call firmware functions to take action on the device, for instance, to turn on a light or move a servo. Because these primitives are mediated securely through the Particle Device Cloud, they can be accessed from other devices, the Particle console, or even in web and mobile applications.

For other videos covering the basics of working with Particle devices, check out our Particle 101 series on YouTube. If you have questions about using Particle variables, functions, or anything else in the Particle platform, visit us in the Particle Community.

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