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Why should you learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is a loosely typed, interpreted scripting language. It is one of the most powerful and popular programming languages in the world.

Most of the websites today are using Javascript. It is literally hard to imagine the World Wide Web today without JavaScript. It's everywhere because all the browsers and devices support JavaScript nowadays.

Initially, JavaScript was only available for creating simple user interactions on the websites but it evolved so much that it has gone beyond the web. Now you can do the following things with JavaScript:

  1. Web development
  2. Mobile app development
  3. Desktop app development
  4. VR and Game development
  5. Machine learning

Due to such a wide scope, there is an enormous amount of opportunities and possibilities with JavaScript. You can literally build anything with it. It has a huge job market for the same reason. Good and decent JavaScript developers are always in demand. 😉

What benefits JavaScript offers

There are some major benefits offered by JavaScript:

  1. It's free and easy to learn. (Except few gotchas 😈)
  2. It helps you to create beautiful, interactive, and fast user interfaces.
  3. You don't have to wait for an entire page to refresh while you interact with something on the page. It only loads the required part of the page without refreshing the entire page.
  4. Build websites, mobile, and desktop apps with Javascript so you don't have to learn the different languages for different platforms.
  5. Huge ecosystem of frameworks and libraries to choose from, which saves a lot of time and effort.
  6. Very large community of developers who are ready to help. They are constantly writing articles and tutorials related to Javascript from basic to advanced topics.
  7. Ecma International makes sure that the JavaScript standards are always updating and improving to make the web more performant and interactive. They are releasing new features and improvements every year.

You have a wide range of frameworks to choose from, for your choice of platform:

⚒ For backend

  1. Node
  2. Express
  3. Hapi
  4. Koa
  5. Nest
  6. Deno

🎨 For frontend

  1. Vue js
  2. React js
  3. Svelte
  4. Quasar
  5. Angular

📱 For mobile apps

  1. React Native
  2. Native Script
  3. Quasar
  4. Meteor
  5. Ionic

💻 For desktop apps

  1. Electron
  2. Quasar
  3. Proton Native

👓 For virtual reality

  1. React VR
  2. A-frame
  3. WebXR

🎮 For games

  1. PhaserJS
  2. PixiJS
  3. MelonJS

🧩 For machine learning

  1. TensorFlow.js
  2. Brain.js
  3. Keras.js

👑 A single language rules them all. JavaScript is the future as it's constantly growing and improving with bleeding-edge features. It is definitely worth learning so you can build great stuff.

You must have seen different articles with titles like these:

Should I learn Javascript in 2019


Should I learn Javascript in 2020

Trust me you would see the same after 10 years:

Should I learn Javascript in 2030

Let me say this once and for all - Javascript is worth learning as long as the Web exists and the Web will exist and evolve as long as the human race exists.

Why should you not learn JavaScript

We have all the good reasons to learn it but there has to be something that would want you to not learn it. There are, actually, two reasons to not learn it. I would strongly suggest to never learn JavaScript if:

  1. You are living in a cave without the internet and planning to stay there for the rest of your life.
  2. You know that the world would be destroyed by Thanos/Aliens/Super-Villains someday.

Now, it's up to you.

Thanks for reading. 🎉

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For backend: Deno

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Pankaj Author

I can't believe I missed it. Thanks. I just added it to the list.