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My browser journey from 2007

Ben posted about making a switch to the Firefox browser. However, he felt weird to be off from Chrome.

Last month I also made a switch so I know that feeling of switching away from Chrome.

Ben's post got me to revisit my old memories and my entire browser journey.

This all started when I got my first computer in 2007. I had zero knowledge and understanding of how computers worked. I think I have used Internet Explorer for a lot of these initial years.

I slowly learned how to use it and finally got a dial-up internet connection in 2008. I also explored other browsers like Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Opera.

So this is how it started-

  1. Internet Explorer (Used it in the beginning)
  2. Opera (1 year)
  3. Firefox (3 years)
  4. Chrome (5 years)
  5. Edge (Currently using)

I just started using the new Edge browser last month when I read a tweet from Sarthak.

So I tweeted this and started using it-

To my wonders, I found Edge to be much better and faster than Chrome. I can use the same amount of extensions and browsing tabs on Edge which could lag my Chrome experience like crazy.

So bye-bye Chrome! And Hello Edge!

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Mohammed Samgan Khan • Edited

we are way more alike then we think....