Would you recommend a dentist to switch to software development?

pandaquests profile image pandaquests ・1 min read

A close friend of mine said how difficult being a dentist during Corona is:

  • no home office
  • equipment (in particular masks) are lacking during pandemic, thus higher risks of being infected
  • if being ill, it's not possible to just stay at home because the dental surgery would make less money
  • payment is less than some software engineering jobs
  • no flexible working hours

The friend sees how privileged I am as a software developer and is considering switching to software development.

Would you recommend that?


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By the time he becomes a software developer the pandemic is already over. Where you live btw? Dentists usually make much more especially if they open their own clinics.


Germany. He doesn't have it's own clinic but is employed at a clinic. He "just" (for two years) started his career as dentist. In the beginning you don't get paid that much. I was surprised myself how little dentist get.


If dentists make so much money, why do they always look down in the mouth?
(That will likely lose something in translation 😂)


Care to explain? :D

Sorry. Very bad English joke. “Look down in the mouth” is a phrase that means to appear miserable.
Does it make more sense now :-)

Yeah, makes sense. But not really funny because it's reality


If your friend likes coding, then they should code. If they don't like coding, then they should not force themselves. Do not force yourself to code if you do not like coding. I know so many CS majors who are in it for the financial gain and absolutely despise their life.